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The Drop Farm is an event and hospitality venue offering an escape from fast-paced city life located in Limestone County, Alabama. The Drop Farm consists of The Drop Inn, a small inn, The Drop Barn, an active horse barn, and neighboring farm sheds and barns available for event rental.

Familiar. Nostalgic. Authentic.

The Drop Farm Experience

The Drop Farm is dedicated to providing an authentic experience to its clients through three different services: Special Events, The Drop Inn and The Drop Barn. We hope you find The Drop Farm experience that is right for you.

Special Events

The Drop Farm’s structures make for the perfect background of any get-together. The Drop Farm has been the site for many corporate celebrations, family reunions, teas, baby showers and much more!

The Drop Inn

The Drop Inn has served as The Drop Farm’s most iconic structure since 1903. Today, The Drop Inn serves as a small inn all year long.

The Drop Barn

With 100 acres of nearby pastureland for trail riding, The Drop Barn is an active horse barn offering horseback riding lessons, horse boarding and overnight horse boarding.